BlackBerry-Q10-Review-11While BlackBerry might have had good market share back in the day, it is safe to say that the company is struggling against its competitors like iOS, Android, and even Microsoft’s Windows Phone in certain regions. It is not clear if introducing newer products will be able to turn things around for them, but one thing is certain and that is something needs to be done.

According to a source who revealed to Reuters, it seems that BlackBerry’s CEO and the company’s board are starting to open up to the idea of taking the company private which would give them more breathing space to fix some problems and keep it out of the public eye, at least for a while.

Nothing has been set in stone yet nor has there been any deals lined up, but the source has revealed that they are starting to warm up to the idea of that being a possibility. However even if the company were to go ahead with such plans, it could be difficult to find a buyer and the funding necessary to go private especially since the company is still losing money and customers slowly.

BlackBerry has in the past revealed that while they are not selling off the company, they did toy around with the idea about the possibility of licensing out the BlackBerry 10 operating system as a means of creating more BlackBerry devices, which the company does not have the economy of scale at the moment to churn out compared to bigger players like Samsung.

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