Nokia_Sign_Copper_WideWhen it comes to enterprise devices, it used to be that BlackBerry reigned supreme thanks to its BES which allowed system administrators a higher degree of control over company-issued mobile devices. However with BlackBerry’s competitors starting to put out more powerful hardware and devices with more features, we started seeing more companies adopt a “BYOD” culture, thus reducing BlackBerry’s impact in the enterprise space. Now it looks like Nokia wants to dethrone BlackBerry completely and enter the enterprise market themselves.


This is according to Nokia’s Adrian Williams, the director of business sales in Nokia UK, who revealed that the Finnish company was set to sign several major enterprise deals within weeks, which no doubt would deal a blow to BlackBerry who might have easily been able to sign deals with those companies a few years ago. According to Williams, “We are really gaining momentum in the b2b market now. It takes time for these deals to work through the product cycle but we are now seeing the fruits of that work and we are increasingly being recognised as a viable alternative in the market. There isn’t a business that doesn’t use Microsoft one way or another. We offer a very compelling solution – and without a monthly charge.”

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