bra-sizeNow this is definitely an embarrassing situation for female members of the Detroit police, as their bra cup sizes have been emailed to the other officers by accident. Just how the heck did such personal information become available? The answer is simple – a bullet proof vest. After all, the bullet proof vest that is worn by a man looks nearly the same as that of a woman’s on the outside, although the inside is very much different since it has been specially contoured to fit her curves. It is rather unfortunate then, that when a handful of female officers provided information such as their height, weight and bra cup sizes to the Detroit Police Department so that they are able to receive fitting bullet proof vests, it is rather unfortunate that a “clerical error” led to such a situation.

Assistant Chief James White, said, “On the third page, the females were listed. Unfortunately and embarrassingly, the cup sizes of the females were listed on that third page, and it was really just a clerical error.” Commander Dwayne Love was tasked to inform the officers that their bullet proof vests were ready to be collected, so in the forwarded email to the commanders who in turn forwarded it to the supervisors, and subsequently had it forwarded it to the rest of the officers, carried the weight, height and bra cup sizes of the women named in the attached Excel spreadsheet.

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