Nowadays, if you’re not making a smartwatch or at least rumored to be making one, then you’re not on the minds of many people both covering the tech industry and readers. Google has been rumored to have been building a smartwatch of their own since earlier this year, and today, rumors are spreading that indiciate the company silently acquired WIMM Labs last summer, which just so happens to be a smartwatch manufacturer. Queue the dramatic music.

The report is coming from GigaOM, which believes employees from WIMM Labs are already working under Google’s Android team, which would make sense considering their history with Android. When or where we’ll be seeing the fruits of their rumored labor is currently unknown, but if there’s any truth to this rumored acquisition, then hopefully we’ll be seeing something sooner rather than later.

The race to offer smartwatches to consumers has been an interesting one as the only worthwhile option right now is the Pebble. Several consumer electronics companies, including Apple, are rumored to be developing their own respective devices, and now that this report has come out, things could get even more interesting considering WIMM Labs has already delivered a worthwhile smartwatch product a few years ago.

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