half-lifeLast week we reported on seemingly bad news that Valve was not working on Half-Life 3 at the moment. This was “confirmed” by John Patrick Lowrie, the voice actor for some of Valve’s games such as Half-Life 2 and DotA 2. However according to a comment posted on Lowrie’s blog (which has since been removed), it seems that the voice actor “misspoke” when it came to sharing news about Half-Life 3.

According to Lowrie, “My comments just seemed to cause a whole bunch of confusion and when I tried to minimize the confusion I misspoke and caused a whole bunch more confusion,” and suggested that perhaps he would be one of the last people to know about Valve’s plans since voice actors are apparently the “last to know anything”, and that they only find out about a project when they are hired for it.

Of course this hardly means that by this logic that Half-Life 3 is indeed in the works since Valve has not yet said anything, but as Lowrie has succinctly put it, “What I was trying to say before (and failed) is that whatever Gabe Newell has to say about a project is the best info you’re going to get. He owns the company and knows what’s going on.” We’re not sure if this good or bad news, so make what you will of it.

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