Last month we heard of two incidents that occurred in China. A young flight attendant was electrocuted, which caused her demise, as she answered a phone call on her iPhone, it is believed that the incident was caused by a fake charger. A few weeks after that a report claimed that a man had been electrocuted while he was trying to charge his iPhone, the incident left him in a coma. The latest news concerning unorthodox behavior of an Apple device doesn’t seem to be related to fake or faulty parts, according to Dalian Evening News, which reports than an iPhone 5 exploded and caused injury to the owner’s eye.

The woman in question has only been mentioned by her last name, Li. She says that her iPhone 5 had been dropped before, causing a dent to appear in the top right hand corner of the display. During a phone call that lasted approximately 40 minutes, Li noticed that the iPhone was getting unusually warm, so she tried to end the call only to find that the touchscreen was not responding. Apparently the unit then exploded, with flying shrapnel causing injury to the eye by scratching the cornea. Apple is yet to comment on this issue, though Li has been cited as saying that she doesn’t want any compensation from Apple.

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