First-time-smartphone-owners-640x218Given how straightforward Apple’s iOS platform is, one would almost expect that someone looking for a smartphone for the first time would go with a more popular device like the iPhone and its familiar and easy-to-understand UI, but apparently that is not the case. According to a recent study conducted by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, it has been found that when it comes to iPhone customers, they are usually people who are looking for a new smartphone, as opposed to their first smartphone. The numbers in the bar graph above show that almost 50% of previous smartphone owners are the ones who buy an iPhone, and that about a third of first-time owners buy an iPhone.

As far as other brands such as Samsung and LG are concerned, they do get many first-time buyers, although in Samsung’s case the number of first-time owners and previous owners are almost the same. What do you guys make of these numbers? Do you think that they are accurate? Was your first smartphone an iPhone or perhaps it was a different brand and platform?

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