Lightwave-Dios-OvenNot many smartphones out there are equipped with NFC, although it seems that the trend is slowly starting to pick up these days. However for those who do own a smartphone with NFC capabilities, here’s a somewhat novel, albeit useful, way of using it at home. LG has recently announced a new Lightwave DIOS oven that is NFC-equipped. What this means is that smartphone owners with NFC are able to use their smartphones together with the oven. Basically through an accompanying app, the smartphone will be able to list around 220 different cooking options with presets attached to them.


For example if you wanted to roast a chicken but weren’t sure how long, just use the app and it will all be entered into the oven for you, and thanks to the use of NFC, you can browse the cooking options on your phone instead of hunched over the oven fiddling with knobs and buttons. Other features of the oven include an Air Fry mode that uses very little oil and according to LG, will reduce fat intake by as much as 77% which would definitely appeal to the health-conscious customer. No word on when LG will be releasing their Lightwave DIOS or how much it will cost, but what do you guys think? Could you see yourself getting one of these bad boys for your kitchen?

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