For years now, McDonald’s has thrown in a toy either promoting the release of a new film, cartoon series or just for the heck of it in their Happy Meals. Children and some adults have enjoyed playing with these toys for years, but they may be getting a huge upgrade if its latest experiment, called the Happy Table, actually makes it into McDonald’s restaurants.


The Happy Table requires the child, or adult, to have a smartphone that supports NFC capabilities along with a free application which will turn the device into a car driven by one of the fast-food chain’s famous mascots. The underside of the Happy Table will have a number of NFC stickers located at certain areas of the underside of the table, which are used to trigger hazards at different sections of the race track, but can also be used to trigger mini games.

Happy Tables are slowly making their way to McDonald’s restaurants across Asia, although it’s unknown at this time if or when they’ll be making their way to other markets. If it comes out in the U.S., we’re sure many of you will check it out at least once, to never go back to McDonald’s again at the realization just how awful you’ll feel after eating their food. Or, at least, that’s what will happen when I go.

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