Now here is a Kickstarter project that you might probably be interested in, especially when you want a ring that can “rule them all”, so to speak. I am referring to the NFC Ring which has long since crossed the financial requirement for it to enter production, and the video above will show you just how useful it is to unlock your smartphone – as long as your device comes with NFC connectivity, of course. It might not rely on the power of your will like a Green Lantern, and is unable to conjure constructs of your will, but it would still come in pretty handy if it were to be properly managed and programmed. In fact, theoretically speaking, the NFC Ring can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones, transfer information and even link people. What makes this bit of news even sweeter is, the NFC Ring will glide right onto your finger, without you having to worry about issues such as updates and running low on battery, being fuss-free and all. Now how about that?


What would be some of the other functions that you would like the NFC Ring to be able to “perform”? Surely the depths of human creativity concerning NFC connectivity has yet to be plumbed, and we would like to head in that general direction.

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