It was nearly one month ago when Nintendo rolled out a major update to its StreetPass Plaza software, which is automatically included in every Nintendo 3DS sold. The improvement would allow those who use StreetPass to play more than just the two games that come with the software as four new games were launched as well as additional Mii accessories, hats and an additional Puzzle Swap picture. Considering the new StreetPass games would cost $5 each, you would think penny-pinching 3DS owners would decide against picking up the new games, but the opposite occurred as Nintendo reportedly sold $4 million worth of its new StreetPass games.

The news of StreetPass’ sales comes directly from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata during an interview with Toko Keizai Online. The $4 million in software sold combines Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior’s Way and Monster Manor together, so it’s unknown at this time which new game sold the best compared to the rest. Hopefully this little experiment will help Nintendo take its StreetPass technology more serious as it’s one of the many reasons why I carry around my 3DS wherever I go.

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