opera-mini-androidWindows Phone owners if you’re looking for an alternative browser app for your smartphone, it looks like Opera Mini could be making its way onto the Windows Phone platform in the future. This was confirmed by the Opera team who stated that Opera Mini for Windows Phone is currently on their list, although when exactly will the app be developed and released remains to be seen. This was according to an email sent by the folks at WP-Hub where the Opera team replied by saying, “We are aware that a lot of Windows phone users like you would like to have an Opera browser on their phones. The engineering team at Opera has this on their list.We will announce it as soon as it is ready.”

“Unfortunately, we do not comment on timing. I can say one thing, as soon as the ability to release Opera Mobile/Mini for Windows Phone (SDK in this case) is available, we will immediately do it. That is a full SDK for developing in C, for which we could use an existing generic code written for all platforms. Not with the current SDK for the Windows Phone platform. As soon as it appears, we are porting Opera Mobile/Mini.” So Windows Phone users, what do you guys think? Is Opera Mobile/Mini a browser you would love to get on your Windows Phone device?


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