samsunglogoWe know that Samsung has plans for a flexible display, and recently we’ve seen Samsung attempt a commercial product with a semi-flexible display in the form of a curved OLED TV, and apart from the rumors suggesting that the Samsung smart watch could feature a flexible display, what else could Samsung do with their flexible displays? Well that’s what Samsung is asking you and everyone as they have announced the Create: Flexible Future Business Plan contest in which anyone can submit a business plan of their own and potentially walk away with a grand prize of $10,000, $5,000, and $2,500 depending on where you place.

The idea behind it is that the business plan needs to center around the flexible display as its key component, and secondly the concepts in the business plan needs to be realistic and somewhat viable as well, meaning that lofty and dreamy goals will not be entertained, as exciting as they might seem. Perhaps Samsung is looking for a bit of innovation and ideas for possible products, but in any case if you’d like to participate, you can hit up the contest’s page for the details. The contest will run from the 29th of August until the 6th of October 2013.

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