Samsung announced today that it is launching a new project called Junior Software Academy in South Korea. Under this project, the Korean giant plans to give software lessons to 10,000 students of ages between 11 and 17. Students will be able to attend these lessons after school or during the weekends. Samsung believes that this project will help children learn basic software technologies and will help them in becoming “fresh sprouts of the software industry.”

These software classes will be offered to students at 500 junior and elementary schools in Korea. Samsung will also conduct various fun programs to capture the juniors’ attentions. One such program is the Junior Software Academy Camp which was held last week. Children were given the chance to learn software languages used in robots. Most children love robots, for them activities such as these are likely to be fun learning experiences. The company says that it is developing tailored teaching materials in software to fit the level of children and teenagers. It will also hold software competitions to pit students against each other. The project may shape the future of a lot of these children, who may someday become successful as well as influential figures in the global software industry.

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