sega-logoWhen the Nintendo Wii was first released to the masses, many people laughed at what they called “waggle controls”, and I do admit that it was rather weird at that point in time to play with a nunchuk and a Wiimote. However, once you have gotten the hang of it, it all becomes really natural, and you could also see Sony backtracking and throwing in a half-hearted motion control system into their Sixaxis controllers. Microsoft, however, decided to take a very different route by turning your entire body into the controller itself, calling this the Kinect system that experienced various degrees of success. Come this fall, Sega has plans to roll out their first iPad game which will use the player’s body as a motion controller, which would make it not too different from current hardware based console games.


This is made possible thanks to Extreme Reality’s technology, and this particular title will hold the distinction of being the “first full-body motion controlled game on an iPad”, relying on the built-in camera within the iPad without the need for extra accessories or additional sensors. We hope to get a whiff of what this particular title from Sega would be sometime down the road, and the sooner, the better.

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