Microsoft today announced the Season Pass Guarantee program. The company said that if a customer purchases a Season Pass for a participating title now for Xbox 360, they will automatically receive access to get the equivalent Season Pass for Xbox One. Though in order to receive this benefit, Xbox Live members must own the same participating title on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One console. Activision, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are some of the biggest publishers that have signed up for the Season Pass Guarantee program. The company says that more publishers and titles participating in this program will be announced soon.

This is actually the second Xbox One related announcement to come out of Microsoft today. It was announced earlier today that out of the 21 initial launch markets, only 13 will be receiving the console first in November. A number of European markets such as Finland and Netherland will not be receiving the console, though Microsoft says that it will try to make Xbox One available in those markets as soon as possible in 2014. Microsoft’s new console is anxiously being awaited, most retailers have sold through much of their pre-order stock. Microsoft hasn’t yet announced a confirmed release date for the Xbox One, all it says is that the release will take place in November.

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