At some point you might have heard about Yahoo’s shopping spree. It has picked up quite a lot of services recently, the biggest being Tumblr, for $1.1 billion. Rockmelt, which is a self titled “social” web browser, has now been acquired by Yahoo. The deal has already been confirmed by both companies, financial terms were not disclosed. AllThingsD believes that Yahoo may have paid between $60 to $70 million for Rockmelt.

From now on Rockmelt will no longer be accepting any new users. Moreover, its four mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone will be shutdown on August 31st. Users have until then to export their data. Rockmelt said that it thanks its users for teaching them “a ton” and that they will put everything that they have learned to use working for Yahoo. Only a few months ago Rockmelt had announced that it would cease working on its browser project and instead focus on its mobile apps. The Rockmelt browser experience brought a user’s Facebook content as well as friend right beside all of the websites that they visited, but this “social” web browsing failed to generate a substantial user base. Yahoo says that it can’t wait to integrate Rockmelt’s technology in their platform to deliver best experience to its customers in new and exciting ways.

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