aio-robotics-zeusWe have seen our fair share of 3D printers in the past, and the most recent one which has something to do with 3D printing would be the swissPen, but this time around, here is something which you might want to consider since it does have its own merits. “Not just another 3D printer” should have been its mantra, especially when you consider how the Zeus from AIO Robotics works. The Zeus is a 3D printer that not only prints out 3D objects when you feed it the correct file, it is also capable of scanning and transmitting objects, now how sweet is that? This all-in-one machine is basically magical enough to be able to duplicate 3D objects, even when they are not anywhere near you.

Of course, it goes without saying that something like this will need to test the consumer market waters first, which is why it has made an appearance as a Kickstarter project that is all set to debut this coming September 4th. Apart from functioning as a traditional all-in-one printer, it also boasts of the ability to transmit and scan objects, making it a tantalizing project to invest in. Do you think that you would want to drop some coin on this particular bad boy?

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