a7They say that one should always hear it from the horse’s mouth, and while this bit of information did not hail from anyone working under Apple’s direct payroll, Taiwanese industry sources have pointed out that the next generation processor from Apple for their mobile devices would be known as the A7, and it does seem as though the Apple A7 processor will not make the jump to quad-core goodness but rather, will remain in dual-core land.

The very same Taiwanese sources also pointed out that the Apple A7 processor will be manufactured by Samsung and TSMC, where it will be based on the 28nm architecture. Is there an upside to it all? Perhaps not, and with most of the other high end flagship mobile devices out there already running on quad-core processors underneath the hood, to see the latest generation Apple devices run on a dual-core processor might prove to be a psychological hurdle that some consumers would find it rather challenging to overcome. Of course, having more cores does not necessarily translate to an increase in performance, as there are still many other factors to take into consideration. Still, we will take this bit of news with a pinch of salt and until Apple themselves say that the Apple A7 processor is a dual-core one, we will keep our ears and eyes peeled.

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