powersupply-130903There are many who are interested in seeing what sort of new products Apple has to offer. At the moment the company’s lineup includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphone, and media players just to name a few, but at the same time we wouldn’t be surprised if the Cupertino company was working on something new, something that might require a 17W power supply.


This is according to the folks at AppleInsider who have learnt from their source that Apple has recently begun the processing of obtaining the necessary components needed to make a 17W adapter.

At this point in time the product that will use this alleged adapter remains a mystery, but their source believes that this product could be launched within the next 12 months, and that it is not intended to be an upgrade for existing products.

To put things into perspective, the Apple TV uses an internal 6W power supply, while the iPads use an external 12W power supply, with the iPhone using a 5W adapter, basically indicating that a device that would require a 17W adapter would be one of Apple’s more mobile products, like iOS devices or MacBooks.

It has been speculated that this 17W power supply could be used to charge Apple’s rumored 13” iPad. We have heard the rumors that Apple could be looking to create an iPad with a larger display, so it would make sense that it would require a larger power adapter for it to recharge quicker. In any case it has also been speculated that there is a good chance that this mysterious product could merely be a prototype that will never see the light of day beyond Apple’s R&D labs, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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