iPhone 5 Side by side with the Samsung Galaxy S3

iPhone 5 Side by side with the Samsung Galaxy S3

It wasn’t until the iPhone 5 that Apple finally started offering a device with a larger screen. Previous iPhone devices have stubbornly stuck to the 3.5” display, with the iPhone 5 finally making the jump to 4”, but with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 sporting displays of at least 5”, it looks like Apple needs to play catchup, and according to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, that’s exactly what the Cupertino company is doing in its secret lab.

According to their report, Apple is said to be testing prototype iPhone devices with screen sizes ranging from 4.8” up to a whopping 6” that would definitely dwarf the Galaxy Note 3, and would undoubtedly make it one of the largest displays available in the market today. People familiar with the matter claim that Apple, possibly under Tim Cook’s guidance, is more willing to move ahead compared to previous years where they have stuck to the 3.5” display.

Of course hearing Apple prototyping and testing devices is not new and the company, much like other companies, do routinely try out prototype devices to see how it would play out. Unfortunately there is no telling if Apple will release an iPhone with a larger display in the near future, although apparently Apple is extremely interested in the 4.8” form factor at this point in time. What do you guys think? How long do you think it will take for Apple to release a larger iPhone? The iPhone 6, perhaps?

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