bbm-sept18BBM originally started as an exclusive messaging platform for BlackBerry users, and after many years the company decided to bring the app over onto iOS and Android devices, causing quite a stir. It seems that the app might have the potential to be quite a hit as it was reported that millions rushed to download the leaked version of the app, causing BlackBerry to delay the release of the official app citing technical reasons. In any case we’re sure there are some of you who are wondering if BlackBerry might bring the app onto other platforms as well.

According to Gary Klassen, the creator and principle of BBM, that could be a possibility. Klassen was quoted as saying, “BBM will not be limited to just Android or iOS. We are open to other platforms also […] We want more are more people to enjoy and experience BBM.” As it stands iOS and Android are two of the largest platforms as far as smartphones are concerned, so presumably by “other platforms”, Klassen could be talking about Windows Phone, or perhaps even upcoming platforms such as Samsung’s Tizen, who knows? What do Windows Phone owners think? Would you guys like to see BlackBerry arrive on your phone?

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