3M_postit_withEN_blogIf you’re the sort who leaves a lot of Post-It notes, or who gets left a lot of Post-It notes in the form of memos or reminders, you’ll be pleased to learn that Evernote for iOS has recently received an update that brings with it a Post-It  camera. Basically what this does is that it allows the user to scan in photos of Post-It notes and have it saved as a regular photo, a document, or a Post-It. This goes hand-in-hand with Evernote releasing their own brand of Post-It notes which comes in four distinct colors. According to Evernote’s blog, the camera “recognizes the color, extracts the handwriting, enhances it and finally places it onto a digital representation of the paper inside a note.”

Like we said, the Post-It notes come in four different colors and you will be able to set what each color means in the app. For example one could be for groceries, one could be for reminders about upcoming events, one could be for messages or addresses, and etc. The possibilities are endless and it really is up to you. The update should be available for download via the iTunes App Store, and for those who are looking for the Evernote-branded Post-It notes, they can be found in a variety of office supply retail stores and websites.


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