It used to be that we would have to sort our own emails, organize our own photos, and so on. However thanks to machine learning and the advancement of technology, all of that can be automated which is what Evernote is looking to do. In a preview shown to Engadget, the company is looking to introduce AI to help automate the workflow for its users.

In a way it is said to be similar to that of Google’s Inbox email platform, where Evernote will scan your notes for action items and group and prioritize them accordingly. This is how Inbox works, where your emails are scanned for certain keywords or phrases, and based on that Inbox can organize your emails into Updates, Financials, Purchases, Trips, and so on.

This is a new feature that Evernote is working on and it doesn’t seem to be ready just yet. During the preview, Evernote CTO Anirban Kundu warned that the feature would be slow, but this is expected to improve over time and towards its release, which at the moment is unclear when that might happen.

It also appears that right now the system works best with properly worded sentences, and that shorthand notes might not be detected as easily, but Kundu did state that Evernote is working on an algorithm that will let the system better understand the way people take notes. The feature will be applied to Evernote’s Spaces feature later this year which is more or less limited to business users, but the company hopes that eventually the AI feature can be brought over to personal accounts in the future.

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