Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released to those who didn’t receive an early copy of the game starting tomorrow, with PC gamers up in arms to try to get Rockstar to bring the open-world crime simulator to their gaming platform of choice. iOS owners shouldn’t expect Grand Theft Auto 5 to be headed to their mobile device any time soon, or should they?

As a result of the early copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 being released, gamers are expectedly playing as much of the game as possible, which we’re learning some new features that the gaming community was previously unaware of. One of those features may possibly allow iPhone, iPad and Android owners to be able to interact with Grand Theft Auto 5 through an app that’s expected to be released some time after the game’s release.

As of now, the only thing the “iFruit app” seems to do is allow you to modify Chop’s behavior and teach him tricks. It’s unknown at this time if the application will allow Grand Theft Auto 5 players to further interact with the game, especially since the app would become useless if you end up losing Chop as a result of neglect. Either way, we’re sure we’ll hear more about the iFruit app shortly after Grand Theft Auto 5 releases tomorrow.

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