indoor-dog-toiletIf there is one huge advantage that a robotic dog like the Sony Aibo of yore has over actual dogs, it would be this – they do not bark at strangers, won’t run around as they please, and most importantly, there is no poop at all to pick up after. Of course, those cons are not enough to substitute for the presence of an actual pet dog, this I am sure. For those of you out there who happen to own a pooch but live in an extremely cramped apartment, then sending your pooch for its potty time could be a tedious affair. The State-Of-The-Art Dog Potty might change things though, as it claims to be able to stash away your dog’s pee in a hermetically sealed tank.

Just how long will it be able to do so? For up to a week apparently, and it will be different from other indoor dog potties which arrive covered with artificial grass, since you will not have the smell of urine wafting through your home from the dog toilet. As for your dog’s poop, that is unavoidable and you will still need to pick up after it daily. The State-Of-The-Art dog potty claims to come with a lifetime durability guarantee, anyone willing to put that to the test? I would say toy and small breeds would do best with it.

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