mazda-connect-1[CEATEC 2013] As cars become “smarter”, do you think that drivers would end up dumber? Perhaps, but only time will tell. Mazda has shared more about their Mazda Connect system on the CEATEC showfloor, where it intends to bring a combination of new hardware, information and software to bring your driving experience to the next level. Not only that, Mazda Connect also offers a wide range of media to the driver and its occupants, being Japan’s first company to deliver in-vehicle internet radio as a standard feature alongside a heads-up cockpit for a safer driving experience.

The Mazda Connect is first and foremost a modular system, so users are able to tack on what they want to in order to meet a wide range of needs. It is future-forward, being able to support new types of media. It will connect to your smartphone, a plethora of compatible mobile devices, and also boasts of a navigation system that is connected via an SD memory card. The software and firmware can be upgraded for future improvements as you tack on other modules such as a TV tuner, a Bose system, or even a CD/DVD drive.

Aha by Harman is the service provider for the Mazda Connect’s internet radio service, and in order to take advantage of this service, you will first need a connected smartphone as well as installing the Aha app (which is free to download, of course). With Aha, another level of interactivity is introduced during those long and boring drives, including having Facebook and Twitter messages read out to you so that you can keep your eyes peeled on the road at all times.

I would assume that should Mazda decide to release the Mazda Connect service in other countries, they will have to work with different content providers for a more localized approach. Otherwise, this looks like another fancy tack on for your car.

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