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35,000 Mazda3 Cars Recalled Over Emergency Brake Bug That Automatically Activates It
Cars back in the day used to be largely mechanical, but these days, thanks to computers being embedded into our cars, our vehicles have gotten smarter as well through the use of software. While this is a good thing, in turn it creates its own problems, such as software bugs that can sometimes result in unintended consequences.

Mazda’s Electric Car Will Finally Launch In 2020
We expect that eventually, all our cars will become fully electric. This seems like a logical progression given the focus and emphasis placed on sustainability, and many car makers have actually been increasing their efforts at making EVs. Heck, even non-car companies such as Walmart are also doing their part by expanding on the number of charging stations available at their stores.

Support For Apple’s CarPlay Will Come To The 2018 Mazda6
If you’re looking for more cars with support for Apple’s CarPlay, you’ll be pleased to learn that Mazda has announced that AirPlay support will be coming to 2018 Mazda6. This is following the company’s announcement earlier this month in which they promised CarPlay support would be coming to upcoming models.

Mazda Claims Its Next-Gen Gas Engine Will Be As Clean As Some EVs
Many believe that the internal combustion engine is on its way out. Major car companies are heavily investing in all-electric solutions that will power the cars of the future but Mazda is not ready to give up on the internal combustion engine just yet. Mazda claims that its next-generation gas engine, the Skyactive-3, is going to be as clean as some electric cars.


Toyota And Mazda Will Work Together On Electric Cars
We’re seeing a lot of new partnerships in the electric and self-driving car market. Many companies in this market are gearing up for the future of the automotive industry. Japanese auto giant Toyota announced today that it has teamed up with Mazda and supplier Dense for technology development for electric cars.

Mazda Confirms Android Auto And Apple CarPlay Support
A lot of car manufacturers are now embracing the infotainment systems developed by Apple and Google. These systems are extensions of their mobile operating systems in the car and have been well received by users. Mazda joins the growing list of car manufacturers as it has now confirmed that its cars will get support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Mazda’s Adaptive LED Headlights Could Result In Safer Night Driving
[CEATEC 2014] It goes without saying that driving in low light conditions is a whole lot more challenging compared to doing so in broad daylight. After all, you can never quite tell just when your eyes might miss something ahead of you, resulting in a tragedy or an unwanted collision. Hence, headlight technology in vehicles will need to up the ante, and over the years, LED technology has done a […]

Mazda Shakin’ Racer App Gives Your Arm A Workout
[CEATEC 2013] All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and the folks over at Mazda have definitely realized that. Sure, they are pretty serious with their Mazda Connect system as well as Heads Up Cockpit, but there also needs to be a balance of play as well, and this comes in the form of the Shakin’ Racer smartphone app. There really isn’t that much to it other […]

Mazda Heads Up Cockpit
[CEATEC 2013] We took a look at the Mazda Connect when CEATEC kicked off officially yesterday, and here we are with the Heads Up Cockpit from the Japanese auto manufacturer. The first commercially available Mazda vehicle that will see the implementation of the Heads Up Cockpit would be the Mazda AXELA, where this particular system will hopefully be able to make driving more pleasurable as well as informative for the […]

Mazda Connect Enhances The Driving Experience
[CEATEC 2013] As cars become “smarter”, do you think that drivers would end up dumber? Perhaps, but only time will tell. Mazda has shared more about their Mazda Connect system on the CEATEC showfloor, where it intends to bring a combination of new hardware, information and software to bring your driving experience to the next level. Not only that, Mazda Connect also offers a wide range of media to the […]