We’re seeing a lot of new partnerships in the electric and self-driving car market. Many companies in this market are gearing up for the future of the automotive industry. Japanese auto giant Toyota announced today that it has teamed up with Mazda and supplier Dense for technology development for electric cars.

According to the press release issued by Toyota today, the three companies will be jointly working on developing “basic structural technologies” for electric cars. They have also decided to set up a new company which will consist of selected engineers from the three companies to ensure that the joint technological projects are efficiently implemented.

The agreement between Toyota, Mazda, and Denso is going to cover a wide variety of vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs, minivehicles, and light trucks. The basic structural technologies for electric cars that they create will cover this entire range of vehicle segments.

The companies are going to dedicate an equal amount of development resources. Taking advantage of existing production facilities, they will strive for efficient development processes. Mazda and Toyota intend to focus on their fundamental car manufacturing values to enable the creation of “appealing” electric cars that embody the unique identities of each brand.

They’re also hopeful that other car manufacturers and suppliers will join the group to further advance the work on standardization of electric car technologies.

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