There is a lot to appreciate in terms of modern day infotainment systems. Some come with large touchscreen displays, some support a variety of apps like mapping and music apps, and so on. However, being more advanced also means that it can be vulnerable to bugs which is what some Mazda owners found out.

According to a report from GeekWire, it seems that some Mazda drivers in Seattle were discovering that their infotainment units had been bricked after tuning into local NPR radio station KUOW.

This is reportedly due to the HD Radio broadcast image that KUOW had submitted. It seems that the image file was missing an extension and as a result, the infotainment’s software could not decode it and had no processes in place to handle it. This resulted in the system crashing.

For some users, this was worse as it meant that they lost Bluetooth connectivity in their vehicles, the inability to play CDs, the backup camera failed, and the USB ports lost power meaning that they could not be used to charge devices. The good news is that Mazda will be performing a “good will” repair for those affected by it, meaning that customers can take their cars back to their dealerships and it will be fixed for free.

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