Cars back in the day used to be largely mechanical, but these days, thanks to computers being embedded into our cars, our vehicles have gotten smarter as well through the use of software. While this is a good thing, in turn it creates its own problems, such as software bugs that can sometimes result in unintended consequences.

This is why Mazada has announced that they will be recalling certain 2019-2020 Mazda3 vehicles due to a bug which causes the car’s automatic emergency brake system to deploy. According to Mazda, “Incorrect programming of the SBS control software may cause the vehicle to falsely detect an obstacle in front of the vehicle while driving.”

“In certain cases, the SBS control software may automatically apply the vehicle brakes to prevent or reduce damage from a collision, even though no collision is imminent. If the SBS automatic emergency braking system unexpectedly activates while driving, the risk of a rear-end crash from a following vehicle may increase.”

Mazda has estimated that this recall will affect 35,390 Mazda3 units sold in the US and US territories. The company also notes that to date, there have been no reported injuries or deaths as a result of this issue, which is good news.

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