On Monday, September 23rd, Microsoft will formally unveil its next generation Surface tablets. The entry-level Surface RT tablet is expected to drop the “RT” label this time around, whereas the high end variant is still expected to be called Surface Pro. Microsoft hasn’t said as yet when the new tablets will be launched, obviously it’ll talk about that at the event. That doesn’t stop rumors from spreading though. Rumor has it that both new Surface tablets will be launched on October 22nd.

Pricing for the new tablets has already been rumored. 32GB Surface 2 is expected to retain the $500 price tag of its predecessor, with the 64GB model costing $600. The Surface Pro 2 is expected to retain previous price points as well, with the 64GB version costing $900 and the 128GB going for $1000. It is expected that Surface Pro 2 will come in 256GB and 512GB variants as well, which will cost $1300 and $1700 respectively. Microsoft launched a 256GB model of the Surface Pro earlier this year, but it has never offered a 512GB model before, if this happens, it’ll be a first for the company and its Surface Pro tablet. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that launch date as yet, so its just best to wait until Monday to find out exactly when the next generation Surface tablets will be launched in the market.

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