BBK-Vivo-phablet-with-Nikon-Expeed-image-processorOver in the West, smartphones that make its way to our markets are sort of predictable in terms of hardware and features, and it’s usually in Asia where we start seeing companies come up with all sorts of unique ideas and innovations, such as NEC over in Japan with their water-cooled smartphone as an example. In any case it seems that Chinese manufacturer, BBK Electronics, could be working on a new smartphone of their own and interestingly enough the rumors are suggesting that the phone could use a Nikon Expeed image processor in their product.


Some are speculating that this could be a modified version of the old Expeed 3 ARM processor which was used in 2011 with the Nikon 1 series of mirrorless cameras, but even then we expect that it should be more than capable of taking photos. The camera accompanying BBK’s offering is said to be a 20MP camera with a f/2.0 aperture which should be pretty good at low-light situations. While Nikon hasn’t announced a collaboration with BBK, the company did mention that they were working on secret projects after expressing their concern on how the compact camera market was shrinking, so perhaps this could be it? What do you guys think? Will we start seeing more image processors from dedicated camera companies make their way into our smartphones in the future?

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