BTWEDZpCIAAaS4SNokia has not shied away in the past when it comes to poking fun at their rivals through advertising, and in a recent tweet by Nokia Germany, they posted the photo above, saying “Have a break…” which is the tagline for the KitKat confectionary. The photo also depicts a Samsung Galaxy S3 being broken in half, sort of like telling Google they should be careful! Then again with Microsoft acquiring Nokia and throwing their weight behind Nokia’s cellphone division, it really does seem that Google along with Apple should start taking the competition more seriously if they haven’t already.


This comes after Google recently announced the latest version of Android, Android 4.4 KitKat. In fact KitKat did a little parody themselves by advertising the company’s product in the same fashion that Apple typically advertises their new products, complete with an English gentleman and all. We have to admit that this whole back-and-forth between companies through clever advertisements is a lot more entertaining for everyone compared to them suing the heck out of each other, but what do you guys think? Does Google truly have something to fear now that Nokia’s cellphone business will be part of Microsoft’s empire?

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