priovrVirtual Reality (VR), the Holy Grail of gaming, does seem to have improved by leaps and bounds over the years, but somehow or rather, it has not really managed to hit the lofty and intended heights to date. Well, this does not mean that those with the technical know how and a dream to make it happen are going to let the world of VR remain stagnant. Here we are with a Kickstarter project known as the PrioVR, which will be a full VR body suit that would enable you to achieve real-time, full-body control over an in-game character. This is the stuff of dreams, where you can remain fully immersed in the game, although there is the remote possibility of being so “into” the game, that you run into a physical wall – literally.


Still, the PrioVR’s main strength so far might be the ability to overcome the nausea-inducing lag issues which plague other solutions such as the Oculus Rift. There are two different PrioVR body suits for you to indulge in, where the 11-sensor PrioVR LITE suit will cost you $450. Of course, there is something else out there for those who have heavier pockets, the PrioVR PRO suit, that will boast of a whopping 17 sensors, albeit it will burn a very real $625 from your bank account.

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