samsung-logoApple is one of the few companies in the world where they have such a loyal fanbase that their customers are willing to lineup for hours, sometimes even days, outside an Apple store to get their hands on the latest Apple product despite being able to order it online and have it delivered to them in the comfort of their own home. Some are just fans who need to be the first to get the device, while some go for the experience, but whatever the case is, it appears that Samsung is just as curious and has sent “spies” to find out what makes an Apple fan tick.

According to CNET, the goal was to find out what is it about Apple’s products that makes customers so excited where they are willing to spend hours or days lining up for it. One Samsung operative was quoted as saying, “Other companies release new phones, but there’s not as much passion and heat […] It’s only Apple. Why? We’re curious.” Some of the questions the operatives asked those in line included, “Is the line shorter or longer this year than last?”, and “Is the crowd more excited or less excited than previous years?”. Perfectly legitimate questions, we reckon.

It seems that the operatives sent by Samsung were not part of Samsung Electronics, but by Samsung Broadcasting Center/Cheil Worldwide, perhaps in an attempt to create a marketing event around the information they have managed to gather, but given that they are still part of Samsung as a whole, we expect the information will eventually be conveyed to Samsung Electronics.

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