SimCity hasn’t had the best launch considering both its PC and Mac versions suffered from numerous bugs shortly after they were released. If you’re a SimCity player who has been able to bear all of the issues the game has had, then you’ll be happy to hear EA and Maxis are expected to launch the game’s first expansion pack, called “Cities of Tomorrow.”

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow is expected to be made available on November 12 as it takes players 50 years in the future, allowing players to implement new technologies into their cities such as MagLev trains, vision reactors and even tidal wave generators. The expansion will also make it possible to build “multi-zone MegaTowers that extend high into the sky” by improving on the game’s small lot size issues.

Those looking to take part in SimCity’s upcoming Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack better start saving now as it’ll be available for $30. Considering how many issues the game has had in the past, we would have thought both EA and Maxis would have kept the price of SimCity’s first expansion pack low, but we guess we were wrong to think that.

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