BlackBerry-Q10-Review-11BlackBerry is not doing as well as they had anticipated, with reports of the BlackBerry Q10 sales being labeled as “dismal”, and it looks like even carriers aren’t giving BlackBerry a break either. According to rumors, word has it that T-Mobile is looking to remove BlackBerry 10 smartphones from their stores due to the devices not doing well in terms of sales. This comes from a CrackBerry forum post in which an alleged T-Mobile employee was quoted as saying, “My manager told me the other day that all blackberry 10 devices will now be only available via direct ship. I work at a corporate store in Cleveland I have to go check the Email but I’m not sure if this has just affected NorthEast Ohio.”

Other alleged T-Mobile employees have “confirmed” the poster’s message, claiming that other T-Mobile stores in the US have already begun removing stock from their stores. Given that T-Mobile was one of the first supporters of the BlackBerry 10 platform, we guess the poor sales of BlackBerry 10 devices did not make good business sense in the end. Is this the beginning of the downfall of BlackBerry’s new operating system? Or will we see it pick up again in the future?

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