tesla-400mile-batteryIf there is one major drawback about electric powered cars, it would be this – their range is not exactly what you call worth checking out if you plan to travel long distance without having to make too many stops along the way. Having said that, this does not mean that research and advancements in the field of electric cars have come to a screeching halt. No sir, Tesla Motors has decidedly defied conventional thinking by having patented a battery which is supposedly able to keep your ride running for a cool 400 miles, all on a single charge.


It is not too surprising to hear that Tesla Motors are the ones behind this patent, considering how the company has been on the cutting edge for such a long time already, not to mention that they are the ones churning out highly desirable electric cars in the first place. In fact, Tesla Motors has declared that they have every intention of building a trio of self-driving cars in three years’ time, while the Model S EV should be able to have its whole battery pack swapped out in a matter of 90 seconds. All in all, if a 400 mile battery can be achieved, then it should be a hot seller at the right price.

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