We know how challenging driving can be for most people as we’re distracted by our smartphones, our extremely loud radios and our significant other gabbing about his or her work day. But the worst distraction is the backseat driver, which seems to know more about anything than anyone else in the vehicle. Since backseat drivers think they know so much, this modification that puts them in control of the vehicle seems like the most logical way to get to your destination in as little time as possible.

King of Customs in Dubai modified a 2008 Nissan Patrol SUV so the driver can drive around town sitting from the back seat. There, the driver can have access to the steering wheel, pedals, gauges and gear controls. The front seat has been completely modified to act as you would the backseat of a vehicle to look and feel. Passengers can just sit there and access LCDs to watch content being played through the vehicle, as well as be the first ones to go if the SUV ever gets into a head-on collision.

The video that shows off the modified 2008 Nissan Patrol SUV even shows it being driven around a lot close to the King of Customs’ garage. We can’t help but be extremely impressed by the driver’s skill in maneuvering the vehicle, even though he’s sitting in the backseat.

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