[IFA 2013] A number of OEMs have decided against creating products that run on Windows RT, with ASUS being the latest company to officially drop the stripped-down operating system. It looks like they’ll soon be in good company as Lenovo also shares the same feelings as ASUS’ chairman Jonney Shih does about Windows RT.

During the Q&A session of Lenovo’s press conference at IFA today, Australian marketing chief Nick Reynolds responded to questions regarding Microsoft’s Windows RT, which he said Intel’s Haswell chip has made choosing a product that either has long battery life or good performance a thing of the past. As a result, users are able to run a full Windows 8 experience and still be able to use their device for a full day on a single charge, which makes having a low-powered version of the software obsolete.

If you recall, Lenovo ceased sales of its Yoga 11, which ran on Windows RT, just this past July. Judging by that move alone, it would seem Lenovo has been thinking negatively about Windows RT for some time now, and IFA just served as their opportunity to speak out against it. Lenovo does make a valid point, and we’re sure it’s an opinion a number of other OEMs will eventually share.

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