It does seem as though Rovio will no longer be able to escape the “gravitational pull” of their Angry Birds franchise, as anything else that they roll out will not matter all that much. You could more or less say that they are a victim of their own success in this case, and this time around, we have the announcement of Angry Birds Go! – coupled with its licensing partners. The Angry Birds Go! game will launch this coming December 11th, with the countdown app released on this coming October 31st.

Just what is Angry Birds Go! all about? For starters, it will invite players regardless of their age to join the birds as they start to make their way downhill in karts. These will be new elements in the Angry Birds franchise that should open up the doors to extra opportunities for innovative product lines, reaching out across multiple consumer products categories to boot. For starters, the Angry Birds Go! game will also feature Hasbro’s TELEPODS, so that players are able to take advantage of it to “teleport” new karts into the game so that they have an edge over the competition.

Do you think that the Angry Birds franchise is about to run out of steam pretty soon, or will it still go on strong three decades down the road just like how Star Wars simply refuses to clock out?

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