At times, Apple’s hiring activities might come under the media spotlight. The company is usually quiet about the talent that it brings is, and the case is no different this time around. A former cable TV executive, Jean-François Mulé, was hired by Apple almost two months ago. Mulé has revealed this himself on his LinkedIn page. He mentions that he’s part of “something big,” while not offering any details about his role at the company. As usual, Apple has refrained from making any comment.

The reason why this hire is getting a lot of attention is because of the fact that it is related to the TV industry, one that Apple is apparently working on revolutionizing. There have been endless rumors about Apple’s TV plans, but so far this year, it hasn’t delivered anything on this front apart from a major software update for the existing Apple TV set-top box. Rumor has it that Apple is developing its new high-definition television set, though the company hasn’t said if such a product will be released any time soon. Analysts expect that the TV set might not be unveiled until next year. Before Mulé joined Apple, he worked as the senior vice president for CableLabs, a non for profit organization that works on new technologies related to TV.

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