Apple is rumored to be working on its own smartwatch which is widely known as the iWatch. What if we were to consider that the iWatch isn’t exactly a smartwatch, but instead its the name for the company’s much rumored full fledged TV set. Apple has shown obvious interest in the TV market, in an interview with NBC back in 2012, CEO TIm Cook said that TV is “an area of intense interest” for the company. Steve Jobs’ aim to build a completely integrated easy to use TV has been quoted in his biography. So what if its just a marketing ploy by the company to divert attention from the real product it is working on, something which it hasn’t made before, a HD television set.This theory is put forward by Jonny Haskins of Pixel Lounge.


Apple can’t name its television set iTV because that’s a channel in the UK, it might call the product Apple TV but it already offers a set-top box that uses this name. iWatch, according to Jonny, would grab attention. Indeed it has, everyone believes that it is going to be a watch. Jonny says that it’s unlikely Apple will build a watch. The concept of a smartwatch has been around for a long time and it hasn’t exactly flourished. Its a niche product and Apple probably wouldn’t make a niche product. The TV market on the other hand is worth around $39 billion, tapping into that seems like the logical choice.

Jobs said that there’s no reason for people to have “complicated remote controls” for TVs. This statement has lead many to believe that Apple’s TV would either use a voice based solution like Siri or use Primesense’s technology, a company which it recently acquired. Primesense made the sensing technology for Xbox Kinect, the technology may be used to bring gesture based controls to the TV set. Apple also has a patent that describes iPhones and iPads being used as remotes. So does this mean that apart from unveiling new iPhones next month, Apple might finally unveil a brand new product as well? This is a tricky question. Many analysts are of the view that the TV won’t come until 2014. This theory might make sense to some, while it might seem totally absurd to others. Apple has filed for the iWatch trademark in various countries, but it hasn’t officially said anything about the product this moniker will be attached with.

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