If you take your smartphone or tablet use serious while you’re out and about, you probably own a pair of gloves that allow you to use your device without needing to slip them off while it’s -70 degrees outside. But if you take your device use really seriously, you might want to take a look at the BearTek Gloves, which allow you to take control of your Bluetooth devices with your fingertips.

The BearTek Gloves are designed to give its users control over their Bluetooth devices without having to physically touch them. The way they work is you’ll need to tap the thumb of the glove to several finger touchpads that are embedded on the sides of each finger. Touching the thumb to these areas will trigger different activities, such as controlling your music or even answering calls.

The BearTek Gloves are available in three different versions that have been designed to be used while riding a motorcycle, while skiing and outdoor sports. There’s also a version of the glove that allows its wearer to control a GoPro camera by supporting its Wi-Fi connection. The Moto gloves retail for $275, the Snow gloves $250 and the Winter classic glove kit costs $225. For those prices, we hope you spend a lot of time wearing these gloves to warrant spending over $200 bucks for them.

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