google_chromebook_stackWhile Google’s Chrome OS is hardly the most popular operating system, it has managed to gain a sizable chunk of the market, at least as far as schools are concerned. According to the latest numbers, it seems that Google’s Chromebooks now account for about 22% of all computers used in schools in the US market, which is a little over a fifth of the market which not too long ago, was predominantly Microsoft. For those interested in the numbers, that means a little over 5,000 K-12 schools are using Chromebooks. We’ve seen companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple attempt to launch programs in schools where they try to get teachers and students to use their products.

Microsoft, needless to say, has been the most popular so far due to the fact that most productivity software is available for Windows (think Word, Excel, and etc.). Apple has attempted to make some in-roads with their “Back To School”, although they might have hit a roadblock after the LA school district decided to take back iPads given to students after it was found that students managed to bypass the restrictions on it. It is unclear if Chromebooks will become the norm in a few years time, but for now it is definitely on the right track.

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