The L.A. School District had announced an ambitious program to provide free iPads to all 640,000 students in the district by next year. The idea was to provide iPads to students so that they could learn in a much more efficient manner. However, as we reported last week, the district decided to halt the program after some Theodore Roosevelt high school students hacked their iPads, which allowed them to access the internet. This became a concern, so the program was halted. The L.A. Times is now reporting that district school officials have begun repossessing the tablets.

According to the report, iPads have been repossessed from students at the Westchester and the aforementioned Roosevelt high school. There is a possibility that iPads were repossessed from other campuses as well, though the report doesn’t mention any more schools. Roosevelt high school staff has confirmed that the tablets have indeed been taken back, but a teacher said that only two-thirds of the 2,100 tablets that had been given out have been immediately returned by students. It is not known right now if and when the tablets will be returned to students, though some believe that it might take up till the end of December for students to be reunited with their free iPads.

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