dolphins-inspire-rescue-radarNature has more often than not been the inspiration when it comes to delivering solutions to problems. Take flight for instance – the way a bird’s wings is shaped has led us to develop the gift of flight, and this time around, British engineers have managed to gain inspiration from dolphins when it comes to a brand new kind of radar device which is said to be able to track miners who happen to be trapped underground in a jiffy. This technology will also come in handy when locating skiers who happen to be buried in an avalanche.

Similar to dolphins, this rescue radar device will send out a couple of pulses in quick succession, allowing for a targeted search for semiconductor devices, all the while canceling any background “noise”. Offering a whole lot more accuracy and speed compared to conventional radar, this particular device is able to pick up other items such as roadside bombs, bugging devices or mobile phones, never mind that one happens to be in an area that is filled with metal “clutter.” Hopefully this particular rescue radar can be perfected soon and deployed worldwide in areas that have a dire need for this, as all lives are worth saving.

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