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Apple once had a service called MobileMe. It wasn’t exactly a hit, in fact, Apple shut it down. It then released iCloud which has a considerably large user base and is quite popular. MobileMe was shut down last year, those who had paid for the service were offered a complimentary 20GB iCloud upgrade. The upgrade wasn’t going to be offered for life. Apple today started emailing former MobileMe customers who had received the complimentary update, informing them that the update has expired and that they have now been shifted to the standard iCloud account, which offers 5GB of free storage.

This update was offered last year so as to make it easy for former MobileMe users to shift their data to iCloud. The cloud based storage service offers 5GB of free data to all customers. Those who want more can pay for more storage, 5GB is the minimum that is offered to all iCloud users. Apple notes that those who were using less than 5GB of the 20GB they had been given for one year remain unaffected by this change. iCloud Backup, iCloud Mail services and Documents in the Cloud has been frozen for those who were using more than 5GB. They’ll remain frozen until the customers either remove excess data to pay to upgrade their iCloud storage so that it can accommodate the extra data.

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