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Former MobileMe Users Now Being Shifted To Standard iCloud Storage
Apple once had a service called MobileMe. It wasn’t exactly a hit, in fact, Apple shut it down. It then released iCloud which has a considerably large user base and is quite popular. MobileMe was shut down last year, those who had paid for the service were offered a complimentary 20GB iCloud upgrade. The upgrade wasn’t going to be offered for life. Apple today started emailing former MobileMe customers who had received […]

MobileMe users reach end of iCloud storage road
Previous MobileMe customers were on the receiving end of a rather sweet deal when Apple shut down the MobileMe cloud storage service at the end of June, instead relying on iCloud instead, resulting in 20GB of free, extra iCloud data storage during the transitional period whereas others needed to fork out an annual fee of $42 to enjoy that amount of storage. Just like how all good things need to […]

Apple starts sending MobileMe users 30 day warning
MobileMe users, if you have yet to move your files from the service onto Apple’s brand new iCloud service, you have apparently 30 days to do so. Thanks to (S)ain’t, it seems that Apple has started sending out notices to MobileMe subscribers, informing them that the service is due to end in 30 days. Originally launched in 2008, MobileMe was met with less than stellar reviews and this was acknowledged […]

Apple Gives Away Snow Leopard for MobileMe Users to Get Onto iCloud
Apple has issued a statement stating that the near defunct MobileMe service which has basically been replaced with iCloud would be killed off for good on June 30th. Mac users running an OS X version older than Snow Leopard cannot use iCloud because it is not compatible. The only way for users to gain access to iCloud is to have Snow Leopard installed after which you must install OS X […]


iCloud and MobileMe email down in Germany, workarounds already available
If you happen to reside in Germany and make use of the iCloud as well as MobileMe email service from Apple, then surely you would have noticed that access to those have been suspended. Apple has stepped forward to say that this is so because of the “recent patent litigation by Motorola Mobility”, where “iCloud and MobileMe users are currently unable to have iCloud and MobileMe email pushed to their […]

Apple MobileMe service down?
If you’re a MobileMe user, then chances are pretty good that you would have realized that Apple’s MobileMe service has been nothing but down for the past few hours, where the current system status page at time of publishing points towards email, web apps and Find My iPhone still being affected by the outage.Around 25% of users are affected when it comes to email, which is quite a sizeable amount […]

MobileMe/iCloud phishing scam on the rise again
Apple announced its intentions to replace MobileMe with iCloud earlier this year at the WWDC 2011, and not long after that, phishing scams taking advantage of this update started to rise. While it wasn’t so huge back then, it looks like those phishing scams have started to rise again, according to a report from MacRumors.

Apple kills off MobileMe sync for keychains, widgets, accounts, and preferences officially
It is official – Apple has pulled the plug on MobileMe sync for keychains, widgets, accounts and preferences. Makes sense actually when you think about it deeper – after all, many of the features found in MobileMe are being upgraded as everyone makes the move over to iCloud. Previously, Apple did make it crystal clear that Gallery, iDisk and iWeb are already waiting to be “executed”, and now you can […]

Apple Cloud Strategy for Music?
Apple’s own files have hinted at a Free MobileMe in the past and Steve Jobs himself said that MobileMe would get a “lot better” in 2011. At this point, it looks like it’s going to happen as MobileMe packages are said to be removed from sales points. How does that fit in Apple’s larger cloud strategy?It’s not clear, but for owners of multiple Apple devices, it’s kind of annoying that […]

MyFunambol is like MobileMe for BlackBerry
If you’re the kind of person who’s always forgetting to update your BlackBerry or computer whenever you have a new appointment and wished it could be done automatically like MobileMe, but for BlackBerry instead – well you’re in luck. Funambol has just released their MyFunambol service for BlackBerry which works just like MobileMe does for the iPhone. It syncs your contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and pictures with the Funambol cloud, […]

MobileMe Users Having Trouble Signing Into
There isn’t any official word on this just yet, but many users out there are reporting that they’re unable to login to, despite keying in the correct password (yes, we know most folks just accidentally type the wrong password). While there are some rumors going around that it’s related to a security breach, some folks have discovered that logging in with instead of works, though there isn’t […]

iOS 4.2 GM Code Hints At Free MobileMe Option
References to the possibility of a free MobileMe service being offered by Apple has been discovered in the iOS 4.2 and 4.2.1 Gold Master builds. Error messages such as one that accounts for the “maximum number of free accounts” for iOS devices and also mentioning separate paid services have been discovered. An error message also mentioned that a specific Apple ID cannot be used for MobileMe mail, but can be […]

Apple debuts new MobileMe interface
Apple has just updated their MobileMe subscription service with a new interface for its e-mail, while throwing in a Find My iPhone application which is capable of tracking a lost handset on iOS-powered devices. This is great news since the new MobileMe Mail has remained in beta since May for those who preferred to opt in, where other improvements in this update include a new widescreen view interface, improved […]

Apple To Launch Find My Phone App And Update MobileMe
Folks who are constant users of Apple’s MobileMe service will want to take note that the service will be down for maintenance from 1am to 3am ET. Nobody likes downtime, but this time Apple is apparently doing it to offer some new features, so that’s probably worth the two hour hiatus. Expected improvements include a finalized Mail update (it’s currently in beta), interface improvements, and a new iOS app that […]